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History of Supply Chain | Supply Chain Management | SME (Subject Matter Expert)

Rare sighting: supply chain consultants

If we consider a consultant as someone who advises decision-makers, they have been around since the dawn of antiquity – Marco Polo, Colbert, Hamilton,...

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Supply Chain Management | Freight Costs | Core Values

Been down the 3PL path and looking for a sunnier outcome?

We should talk… So you worked with a 3PL and had an unsatisfactory experience: Perhaps your supply chain was blatantly mismanaged. Maybe your 3PL’s un...

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Supply Chain Management | Core Values | SME (Subject Matter Expert)

Presnal upholds nurturing relationships and building trust lie at the root of customer success

Ted Presnal, IL2000’s Director of Enterprise Account Management, brings robust experience and clear ideas on how to win with customers. According to P...

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Supply Chain Management | Core Values

Penny for your thoughts?

Every so often, we nudge the team at IL2000 to answer a weird and open-ended question. What would logistics look like on Mars was one such brain bende...

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Supply Chain Management | Freight Costs | Business Intelligence

From accurate shipping data to smart shipping decisions: How freight audit builds that bridge

What’s more important to a strong and resilient supply chain: accurate data or critical insight?

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Supply Chain Management | Core Values

Stunning client service: What does that mean really?

“The uniqueness of IL2000’s skills-first approach has attracted a team firmly committed to … stunning client service.” - Logistics company bucks the s...

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Logistics Management | Supply Chain Management | Shipping

A day in the life of a shipment with IL2000

Your business runs on shipments. LOTS of shipments. Whether you’re receiving materials critical to your manufacturing process, sending out components ...

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Pricing | Supply Chain Management | Freight Costs

Billing errors 101

As many as one in four shipment invoices in the US contain critical errors, Supply Chain Brain reports. Is that not crazy? A full 25% of nationwide sh...

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Distributor | Warehousing | Supply Chain Management

The best antidote for cloudy winter skies is clear logistics planning

Logisticians speak endlessly about time and organization. Rock up to any supply chain management conference, and you’ll see a sea of earnest-looking i...

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Entrepreneurial Spirit | Supply Chain Management | Core Values

"OK, let’s do this!" The unlikely (yet necessary) convergence of logistics and bravery

Logistics, you could say, is the art of narrowing down the odds. Do logistics well, and the chance of something going wrong between here and over ther...

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Entrepreneurial Spirit | Supply Chain Management | Freight Costs | Core Values

Your no-obligation supply chain analysis - Part II

“How can this deep-dive cost nothing?” Welcome to “how can this thing cost nothing,” the second in our two-part blog series describing IL2000’s unique...

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Transportation Models | Supply Chain Management | Business Intelligence

How to solve the toughest supply chain problems

It’s 1839. You are here. How did you get “here” exactly? Well, we won’t bore you with the details. Suffice it to say it involved a time machine. And a...

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