Supply Chain Management (3)

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Us, Them ... and the Great Unknown

This week, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposed a new set of rules to standardize how publicly traded companies disclose climate-rela...

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The handshake between Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Shortage, disruption, shock – three modifiers of today’s supply chain. Only a company with crafty purchasing and secure supply chain management will f...

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From top shelf to shopping basket

Consumer packaged goods (CPG)— you know, all those goods that consumers use up and replace frequently— food, beverages, clothes, personal hygiene, cos...

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Lifting the automotive aftermarket out of crisis

The North American automotive aftermarket industry may be facing the most daunting range of ongoing supply chain and distribution challenges to date, ...

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The cosmetics industry and the supply chain at its foundation

The cosmetic and personal care industries are growing at a breakneck pace.With global sales of $483 billion in 2020 and an annual growth rate of 4.75%...

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