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Why transactional isn’t the way to go when approaching your logistics

Comparing transactional LTL shipping to a freight management solution comes down to a one-day-at-a-time versus long-term approach to your logistics op...

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The LTL market is evolving – how to open the door to efficiencies

Supply chains across the US have been in disarray since Yellow Corp announced its bankruptcy in 2023. Unlike the truckload market, which has many, man...

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Planning your 2024 supply chain? Here are some key ideas to consider

We’re just a few short months away from the end of 2023. With the crazy season just around the corner, there’s a good chance that you and your team, r...

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Situation Files #6: Busting counter-productive habits

How we identified two key changes that could save a company $150k per year on freight spend Picture an office partition manufacturer. It’s a lean but ...

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Rodriguez on customized freight audits and why they matter

IL2000’s Audit Manager, Nicole Rodrigues, combines a gift for pattern recognition with deep data insight. She’s a key part of IL2000’s industry-leadin...

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Situation Files #4: Taking the sting out of a difficult carrier negotiation

How IL2000’s freight claim negotiation saved a customer $325 on one disputed shipment

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Pricing Strategy | Transportation Models | Freight Costs | SME (Subject Matter Expert)

Weighing in on freight claims, principles, and the power of patience

In what may be one of the easiest interviews in the history of logistics, this week we talked to Liesel Borovsky, IL2000 Director of Client Services, ...

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Situation Files #3: Saving on freight while fostering continuous improvement

How we helped a company save over $800 on one shipment Hi! Welcome to SF3. Let’s talk about a quick way to save a smidge over 800 bucks on one freight...

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Case Studies | Supply Chain Management | Freight Costs

Situation Files #2: Balancing cost-efficiency, speed and reliability

How $2000 saved on freight led to a bunch of other great outcomes Welcome to SF2, which is kind of about negotiated carrier rates and also kind of abo...

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Case Studies | Pricing Strategy | Freight Costs

Situation Files #1: Shipment consolidation

How we saved a client four grand on freight in under one week You’ll find a healthy library of case studies on our site. Browse around and you’ll see ...

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Five easy (and not in the least magical) ways to make your supply chain go faster

The logistics sector is all about speed. In an era of unprecedented supply chain volatility, customers still expect deliveries to arrive with quasi-ma...

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