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Taming your supply chain isn’t a data problem

It’s a clarity problem. The right BI can help you see the one crucial thing you’re missing. We explore examples from real businesses we’ve helped and share 5 principles of best BI practice.

One of the more challenging aspects of supply chain management in 2022 is that — compared to even a few years ago — we live in a world of considerable logistical uncertainty. The Swiss clock reliability of on-time delivery has given way to volatility. Shipping rates are rising. The days of running a simple, linear supply chain and a traditional shipping playbook have passed. And yet, opportunities are everywhere to do things better — from the game-changing impact of automation and AI to the practical grind of building stronger financial models and smarter tracking tools.


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Two strategies that are transforming truckload shipping

Truckload market rates are in a state of constant flux. Your shipment’s destination, combined with seasonal fluctuation, weather patterns, overall freight demand, and a host of other slippery variables all combine to make truckload freight optimization a formidable analytical task. Moreover, there’s no guarantee that the carrier who offered the best rate on one shipment can offer the most competitive rate on the next.