Transportation Management System

Achieve enhanced visibility and greater control over your supply chain with the IL2000 TMS

It wasn’t that long ago that your company could get away with running a simple, linear supply chain. With just a handful of operators and a traditional playbook, you could get your product from A to B efficiently enough to stay in business.

A lot has changed. The market is more globally interconnected and complex. Customers want their product to arrive yesterday. As more players jostle for finite logistics resources, supply chain competition is sharp, ruthless, and resourceful. In this changing landscape, enhanced visibility and control over your freight shipments aren’t “nice to have” optional extras. They can make the difference between thriving or losing ground.

With IL2000’s industry-transforming transportation management system (TMS), you obtain a clear picture of every step of your supply chain and the tools you need to make swift, cost-efficient, and inventive shipping decisions

IL2000 TMS BenefitsTwo workers looking at computer in freight yard

A traditional TMS is designed to help you organize a small repertoire of conventional supply chain decisions. IL2000’s TMS equips you with robust, highly customizable tools to run a more cost-efficient and streamlined logistics operation.

As a user of our TMS software, you can:

  • Rapidly perform rate quoting using modes optimized for cost and service.
  • Easily create, book and administer shipments online, instantly contacting live personnel for shipment support.
  • Track shipment across all modes of transportation, setting automated tracking email notifications on priority shipments.
  • Customize business dashboards with the option to drill right down to the details of an individual shipment.
  • Store, access, print and send shipping documentation, seamlessly integrating with shippers’ enterprise resource planning systems.

Take control of your supply chain strategy