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Rodriguez on customized freight audits and why they matter

IL2000’s Audit Manager, Nicole Rodrigues, combines a gift for pattern recognition with deep data insight. She’s a key part of IL2000’s industry-leadin...

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Logistics Management | Core Values | SME (Subject Matter Expert)

Borovsky nurtures clear communication and intuitive education to foster good practices

Liesel Borovsky, Director of Client Services, blends positivity, intuition, and an honest desire to help into a winning client services mix. When Boro...

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Logistics Management | Entrepreneurial Spirit | SME (Subject Matter Expert)

Benazzi combines business processes and technology to solve complex customer challenges

Since Ben Benazzi joined IL2000 as Product Director a bit over a year ago, he has brought a healthy mix of business process understanding and technolo...

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Pricing Strategy | Transportation Models | Freight Costs | SME (Subject Matter Expert)

Weighing in on freight claims, principles, and the power of patience

In what may be one of the easiest interviews in the history of logistics, this week we talked to Liesel Borovsky, IL2000 Director of Client Services, ...

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Logistics Management | Pricing | SME (Subject Matter Expert) | LTL

Gavronski uses pricing, carrier relationships and savvy problem-solving to keep clients' supply chains moving

Tim Gavronski brings deep carrier insight and comprehensive pricing to IL2000’s Logistics Engineering team. Gavronski is no stranger to logistics, hav...

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Business Intelligence | SME (Subject Matter Expert)

Vogl breaks down the data and gets analytical

Lynne Vogl, IL2000’s Director of BI and Reporting, uses her innate grasp of data to offer clients enhanced visibility and clarity to make better suppl...

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History of Supply Chain | Supply Chain Management | SME (Subject Matter Expert)

Rare sighting: supply chain consultants

If we consider a consultant as someone who advises decision-makers, they have been around since the dawn of antiquity – Marco Polo, Colbert, Hamilton,...

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Supply Chain Management | Core Values | SME (Subject Matter Expert)

Presnal upholds nurturing relationships and building trust lie at the root of customer success

Ted Presnal, IL2000’s Director of Enterprise Account Management, brings robust experience and clear ideas on how to win with customers. According to P...

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Logistics Management | Business Intelligence | SME (Subject Matter Expert)

Ponton discloses how flexible yet focused tech development crafts unique client solutions

Craig Ponton brings flexibility and agility to IL2000’s roadmap and a renewed promise to find customized customer solutions. Craig Ponton, Vice Presid...

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Your no-obligation supply chain analysis - Part III

How deep does the deep dive go? This blog post is the finale of our no-obligation supply chain analysis series. To recap, at the end of our blog posts...

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Freight Costs | SME (Subject Matter Expert) | Incoterms | International Shipping

Banks on Tailoring Customer Solutions & Navigating Global Market Changes

When Tammy Banks isn’t implementing unique solutions to customers’ international shipping challenges, she’s staying up to speed with Incoterms, custom...

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What is good carrier compliance? Our experts weigh in

As the market settles down, you can and should take a more in-depth look of your LTL costing and service model. As carrier capacity pressure eases, no...

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