Freight Audit & Payment

Boost the accuracy of your freight audits and payments

Handling your freight audit and payment needs is time-consuming and exacting, and you mustn’t leave it to a random choice among freight audit companies. Each of freight audit and payment’s many steps — sorting invoices, fetching quotes, verifying invoices to just scratch the surface — introduces more busywork and greater possibility for error.

These payment-related processes are tasks every business has to get right. But at the same time, all this paperwork leads you further away from your core business — the stuff that keeps money flowing in. Now, there’s a solution that can connect to your TMS and isn’t going to rob you of your essence and core values–IL2000’s Freight Audit and Payment services.

IL2000’s auditing solutions are embedded into our DNA.

IL2000’s FAP system (TIBER) equips you to manage your freight audits and payments in a fraction of the time. And because our proprietary system is built on years of freight handling experience, TIBER can significantly reduce your expenses while keeping you compliant with tight financial regulations. This occurs while also generating additional insight via our advanced business intelligence dashboards too. 

Benefits of IL2000’s freight audit system

African American woman auditing figures on computer
  • Automate your freight payment process. A manual number-crunching process that took hours can be finished in minutes using TIBER and used to drive more business intelligence opportunities. 

  • Examine over 50 data checkpoints automatically and effortlessly with each invoice you process to unlock new cost savings opportunities, which will also enable you to automate cost allocations and better manage all transportation costs overall. 

  • Manage your financial compliance paperwork with less headache and risk. IL2000 equips you with instant online access to accurate, well-organized shipment documentation along with a suite of reporting tools that drill down to the item level.

  • Track how accurately carriers are billing your business, generating real-time reports showing how your actual costs match planned costs, meaning you can better choose your carriers based on actual data.  

  • Work with our dedicated Freight Desk to resolve errors, handle disputes and mitigate future pain points. Our team vigorously advocates for your company, so you can shift your attention away from your most time-consuming freight management problems.

Applied business rules in logistics operations should lead to savings, and our auditing process is built to ensure your freight spend actually responds properly to process improvements. As a result, you can increase the accuracy of your freight data and payment processes in a fraction of the time. Equally as important is that you gain focused insight in every aspect of your freight audits and payments.

Save time and money with freight auditing


With IL2000’s freight audit system in use for data captured by your supply chain, you can increase the accuracy of your freight payment processes and reduce freight costs in a fraction of the time.