Logistics Tip Sheets


We know understanding all the ins and outs of your logistics can be challenging. We've spent 20 years honing these skills and have captured the knowledge in these easy-to-follow downloadable sheets.

Billing Terms & Corrections

Accurate Billing Terms, Fewer Billing Corrections

Accurate billing terms are essential, as they dictate everything from rates to who pays. If you have the correct terms, you won’t need corrections.

One Sheet_Billing Terms & Corrections


Helpful Tips for the Best Freight Claim Outcomes

Claims must be submitted to the carrier within 9 months of delivery date or anticipated delivery date (for lost shipments).

One Sheet_Claims

Hazardous Materials

Checklist for Hazardous Materials shipments

Be meticulous when filling out paperwork for shipments containing hazardous materials. Even a small omission in the description of the contents, making a mistake or failing to classify the material correctly, can be catastrophic and result in loss of goods, transport vehicles and even life.


One Sheet_Hazardous Materials


Incoterms: Point of delivery and transfer of risk

A table of incoterms showing the seller's obligation, the transfer of risk, and the buyer's obligation.


International Shipments

Imports & Exports: How to arrange your
international freight

Whether moving your international shipments by air or ocean, having the correct details on the quote and understanding the specific terms for imports and exports is critical.

One Sheet_International Shipments

Freight Classes

Freight Classification for LTL: What it is and best practices

Why does freight class matter? Because proper classification saves time and money. Avoiding the time and expense of a carrier reclassing your freight streamlines your shipping. And packaging your shipment to allow for the lowest class possible affects your rate.

One Sheet_Freight Classes

Freight Classes Table

Class Name / Samples / Weight Per Cubic Foot / Cost

Freight Classes table of the most common goods and classes

Freight Classes Table

Freight Disputes

Dealing with Freight Charge Disputes

Freight shipping is all about managing variables and anticipating costs. But what happens when you are assessed unexpected charges that you don’t think are correct? You dispute the fee.

One Sheet_Freight Disputes

On-Time Performance

OTP: The ins and outs

You're probably familiar with On-Time Performance (OTP), as carriers report on it frequently. We'll show that what's involved goes beyond if a shipment hit on time or not, and how you can contribute to raising the percentage of your on-time deliveries.

One Sheet_On-Time Performance

Quotes & Pickups

How to avoid delays and double work

Logistics is all about speed and efficiency. IL2000 and carriers play a significant role in keeping shipments moving, but there are things you can do to ensure your quotes and scheduled pickups go as planned.

One Sheet_Quotes & Pickups