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Our Mission

At IL2000, we provide exceptional comprehensive logistics management services by tailoring our solutions to fit our clients.  We earn our clients’ trust through innovative technology, consistent communication and steadfast reliability. At IL2000, we honor our clients’ profitability as we do our own. 

Our Core Values

Embody Excellence

Positive spirit, stunning client service, continuous improvement

Take Ownership

Accountability, problem solving, sense of urgency

Embrace Communication

Clear, Concise, Effective

Be Precise

Fact driven, subject matter expertise, accurate

Show Respect

Trust, independent thinking, treat each other equally

Have Fun

Work hard – play hard

Our History as a 3PL Provider

Since 1999, IL2000 has helped manufacturers, retailers and other shippers gain visibility and control of their logistics operations. Through innovative technology, consistent communication and steadfast reliability, we’ve earned our clients’ trust as a 3PL provider, honoring their profitability as we do our own.

We continue to develop software applications and invest in tools that help our clients stay ahead of the competition. Our proprietary software applications are cutting edge and can be customized to fit a business’s specific needs.

IL2000 CEO Kraig Cesar works hard to stay on the fast track to success 

Successful companies find their footing in many different ways. In the case of IL2000, it found its feet behind the perseverance and focus of an Olympic hopeful runner, Kraig Cesar.

Kraig Cesar in suit outdoorsSitting breathless next to the track at Ted Gormley Stadium in New Orleans on an early summer day in 1992, Cesar knew he was at an important stage in his life. He had just competed in the 800-meter race, running against the fastest half-milers in the country.

Despite his best efforts, the Mississippi State graduate and multi-time SEC 800-meter champion had fallen short in his second bid to make the U.S. Olympic team.

“I was at my peak and had done all I could do as a runner,” Cesar remembered of that day in the early summer of 1992. “I knew it was time to move into the next chapter.”

 That was the first step in a career in sales and management that took Cesar through a variety of industries. The journey provided constant challenges, opportunities and an outlet for both his fiery competitive spirit and his urge to provide clients with impeccable service and care.

 It all came together in 1999 when Cesar founded IL2000, a full-service freight and logistics company based in Virginia Beach.

 In the two decades since, Cesar has built IL2000 from a one-man shop into a robust company that employs more than 60 people and serves clients around the globe.

“From the beginning, my philosophy has been to take care of clients, take care of employees and take care of profits,” Cesar says. “If you do the first two really well, the third one takes care of itself.”

 The same drive that pushed Cesar on the track has pushed him to assist clients with their freight and logistics needs. While helping clients save money is a key company focus, it’s just part of the equation.

 “Providing our clients with stellar service is our primary goal,” Cesar says. “We work hard, and when you do that while also providing them with substantial cost savings, you will be successful.”

 Delivering great freight and logistics service may seem like a world apart from sprinting around a 400-meter track. For Kraig Cesar, laser focus and work ethic will bring success no matter what the venue.


Employee Spotlights


Liesel Borovsky

Dir of Client Services

EMPLOYEE OF THE  MONTH AUGUST:Liesel has handled the flawless onboarded two large clients simultaneously. Even while investing countless hours and endless meetings to ensure these implementations went smoothly, she guided other departments, answered questions, and jumped in to help others at any opportunity.

Vanessa Paxton

Executive Assistant

EMPLOYEE OF THE  MONTH AUGUST: Vanessa is very supportive of all departments and always willing to help in any situation, whether a client is on credit hold or she's assisting with marketing. She's always in good spirits, and you'll never hear the word no when you ask for something. This employee goes above and beyond, finding a way to help even if it means coming up with a new solution.

Greg Tucker


EMPLOYEE OF THE  MONTH JULY: Greg has taken the Finance & Admin department by storm with his efficiency and ability to lead projects with precision - everything from improving financial reporting accuracy for the international team to across-the-board accounting improvements. He has the uncanny ability to anticipate and avoid a situation even before it occurs. He is an amazing addition to the IL2000 family in all departments.

Ashley Baggett

International Logistics Supervisor

EMPLOYEE OF THE  MONTH JUNE: Ashley has been a true asset to the international team, constantly helping our customers with difficult issues and going above and beyond to get things done. Our customers call her an absolute godsend and a superstar and know they can count on her, even helping a client in need locate cargo with a shipment that wasn't routed with IL2000. 

Craig Ponton

VP, Product Development & IT

EMPLOYEE OF THE  MONTH MAY: Craig jumped in to help and assist the integration team with accounting on the new ERP System. He provided countless hours of trouble shooting and being the “know all” of Il2000!

Lynne Vogl

Manager of B.I. & Reporting

EMPLOYEE OF THE  MONTH APRIL: Lynne Vogl is always willing to help IL2000 employees as well as our clients. She volunteers to take on additional projects without hesitation. She gives us the tools with her custom business intelligence reports to identify potential issues and opportunities to create volume for the clients.

Nicole Rodriguez

Audit Manager

EMPLOYEE OF THE  MONTH MARCH: Nicole has rallied her team! She has been a true inspiration to the audit team, motivating them to achieve their goals, and always encouraging her staff to do their best every day. She is always positive and that reflects in her work and with all her peers.

Lizeth Medina

International Logistics Planner

EMPLOYEE OF THE  MONTH JANUARY: Lizeth took charge when an ocean carrier altered its sailing schedule the week of Christmas. By changing vessel bookings, communicating with the local trucker and presenting a new plan to the customer, she solved the issue before it impacted their business. Lizeth has a great attitude and is a true inspiration to the customer and her team!

Employee Spotlights 2021

Mario  Hernández (Default - Blue Canvas)


Mario consistently ranks in our top performing employees for number of tickets worked, managing calls and working with our TMS. He is a go-getter who jumps at the chance to manage new issues, with quality results.


Jeremy Maguire (Default - Blue Canvas)


Jeremy is the very definition of Stunning Client Service. Using his knack for training, he quickly scales up Logistics Planners, delivers quality  and ensures high functionality of the teams.



Jasmine Bullock (Default - Blue Canvas)


Jasmine was nominated for her dedicated work in LTL Operations and was singled out by ADS for exceptional Client Servicing and attention to detail.


Whitney Dilger (Default - Blue Canvas)


Whitney shows true dedication around the clock, both in the office and out. She helps with onboarding, jumps in whenever needed and shows true commitment to the organization.


Chelsie Jackson (Default - Blue Canvas)


Chelsie was recognized for outstanding performance when she stepped into a new role in the Pricing/Profiling Department, including creating a new process and formula for profiling fuel and training new employees.


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