Logistics Solutions for Your Entire Supply Chain

Our team of consultants is with you every step of the way, ensuring professional supply chain consulting, 24 H visibility and control of your shipments, and offering immediate and sustained cost savings.

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Transport Delivery Key

Transportation Management System

Achieve enhanced visibility and greater control

With IL2000’s industry-transforming transportation management system (TMS) you obtain a clear picture of every step of your supply chain and the tools you need to make swift, cost-efficient, and inventive shipping decisions.

Managed Transportation Services

Save time and reduce costs

Supported by business intelligence tools that give you visibility of every corner of your shipments and that automate many of your more time-consuming shipment processes, IL2000 can help you regain control of your supply chain.

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Freight Audit & Payment

Boost the accuracy of your freight audits and payments

IL2000’s proprietary system equips you to manage your freight audits and payments in a fraction of the time. Refined by years of freight handling experience, this system can also reduce your expenses while supporting your organization’s regulatory compliance.

Business Intelligence

Transform your logistics data into actionable insight

IL2000’s BI dashboard transforms your transport data into knowledge, with a unique suite of analytical tools that offer deep insight and enhanced visibility across every corner of your operation.

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Supply Chain Consulting

Optimize and future-proof your supply chain

With IL2000’s supply chain consulting you can future-proof your supply chain while achieving greater efficiency in finding carriers, handling freight payments and tracking shipments. Optimize your daily supply chain processes while keeping a sharp eye out for what’s just around the corner.

Don't Leave Your Logistics Up to Chance

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