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How IL2000 approaches your supply chain

It’s a tough world out there right now for companies that rely on supply chains. Your business is likely experiencing headwinds with debilitating inventory shortages, freight rate increases, service delays to your customers, and depleted employee and customer morale. Everyone needs supply chain management services in their sights. 

But the greatest risk of all is operating blind. You don’t know what you don’t know.

As supply chain consultants, we approach your supply chain management process just as you wish we would. In fact, we have been refining client supply chain and freight management effectiveness with improved relationship management with suppliers and customers, faster and more consistent performance, and lower costs since 1999.

shutterstock_1687550977What we do:

  • Identify and solve known (and unknown) supply chain deficiencies.
  • Compare your freight and supply chain management against best-in-class and recommend ways to bring it up to par.
  • Improve profits and productivity through supply chain refinement.

How we do it:

  • Take you through a fast yet thorough data/analysis/discovery process to evaluate alignment with your supply chain managerial goals.
  • Deliver a written report of our study, including the design for a clear, measurable and achievable plan for a more effective process.
  • Solve your need for support with an approach that goes deeper than freight handling and offers tools more purpose-built than a general TMS.

Learn about our Six-Step Proven Process

Discovery & Analytics

Order to Cash Analysis / Benchmarking

Freight Cost Benchmarking

Supplier Performance

Customer Experience

Design & Planning

Best Practice Implementation

Iterative Redesign

Eliminate Inefficiency

Freight Cost Reduction

Logistics & Distribution

Network Redesign

Transportation Mgmt & Outsourcing

Tech Enablement & Implementation

Technology Integration


Fully Optimized Order to Cash

Freight Cost Reduction

Supply Chain Visibility

Added Services

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