Our Industry Expertise

Years of honed freight industry experience

We are experts in all aspects of supply chain management and integrated logistics. Over two decades of operation, we've built up deep knowledge of the freight industry across a wide range of focus industries.

Our focus industries

There are very few areas or sectors where the IL2000 freight industry expertise hasn’t been in play. With our advanced team knowledge and supply chain management skillset, we’re redefining the standards of what it means to create and execute core supply chain strategies. Our team is well-refined and versed in all the nuances of manufacturing using widescale, nationwide distribution networks. A few of core industry verticals of focus for IL2000 include bringing freight industry expertise to the following:

Building Materials, Building Products & Construction
Consumer Packaged Goods
Food & Beverage (inc. Ingredients)
Industrial Manufacturing
Medical Equipment Manufacturing
Retail & Wholesale

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