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Situation Files #4: Taking the sting out of a difficult carrier negotiation

How IL2000’s freight claim negotiation saved a customer $325 on one disputed shipment

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A day in the life of a shipment with IL2000

Your business runs on shipments. LOTS of shipments. Whether you’re receiving materials critical to your manufacturing process, sending out components ...

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What is good carrier compliance? Our experts weigh in

As the market settles down, you can and should take a more in-depth look of your LTL costing and service model. As carrier capacity pressure eases, no...

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Don't underestimate Hazmat classification

"Describe what's in the box." That instruction sounds simple and benign. But even a minor omission in the description of the contents can be catastrop...

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The design failures that led to today’s colossal container ships, and why you won’t see larger ships in the future

Revolutionary ship design: historical failures and future aspirations Picture the Ever Ace -- the largest container ship in the world, carrying 21,710...

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