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Why transactional isn’t the way to go when approaching your logistics

Comparing transactional LTL shipping to a freight management solution comes down to a one-day-at-a-time versus long-term approach to your logistics op...

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The LTL market is evolving – how to open the door to efficiencies

Supply chains across the US have been in disarray since Yellow Corp announced its bankruptcy in 2023. Unlike the truckload market, which has many, man...

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Gavronski uses pricing, carrier relationships and savvy problem-solving to keep clients' supply chains moving

Tim Gavronski brings deep carrier insight and comprehensive pricing to IL2000’s Logistics Engineering team. Gavronski is no stranger to logistics, hav...

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What is good carrier compliance? Our experts weigh in

As the market settles down, you can and should take a more in-depth look of your LTL costing and service model. As carrier capacity pressure eases, no...

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DeKoninck: Building a Foundation of Trust and Respect

Josh DeKoninck may be relatively new as the GM of LTL, but he's an industry veteran with a fresh perspective on maintaining client relations and boost...

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