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Situation Files #4: Taking the sting out of a difficult carrier negotiation

How IL2000’s freight claim negotiation saved a customer $325 on one disputed shipment

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Great local connections? Build on your strengths with a strong national carrier network and IL2000

Supply chains are most effective when they’re built on strong relationships. Some of those relationships are geographically near you — operators of a ...

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Is your supply chain on autopilot? And is that what you really want?


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Borovsky nurtures clear communication and intuitive education to foster good practices

Liesel Borovsky, Director of Client Services, blends positivity, intuition, and an honest desire to help into a winning client services mix. When Boro...

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Quarterly business reviews and continual improvement

We’ve talked a bit lately about IL2000’s commitment to helping customers continuously improve their supply chains — the key word there being continuou...

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Supply Chain Management | Business Intelligence | Core Values

The continuous improvement process

We have a short ’n sweet blog for you this week. We wanted to explain IL2000’s continuous improvement process — the process by which we help our custo...

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Benazzi combines business processes and technology to solve complex customer challenges

Since Ben Benazzi joined IL2000 as Product Director a bit over a year ago, he has brought a healthy mix of business process understanding and technolo...

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Weighing in on freight claims, principles, and the power of patience

In what may be one of the easiest interviews in the history of logistics, this week we talked to Liesel Borovsky, IL2000 Director of Client Services, ...

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Situation Files #3: Saving on freight while fostering continuous improvement

How we helped a company save over $800 on one shipment Hi! Welcome to SF3. Let’s talk about a quick way to save a smidge over 800 bucks on one freight...

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Are we heading for a shipping rebound in the fall?

There has been lots of talk of inventories – first, shortages had people hamstering away insane amounts of toilet paper. Then, overflows led to wareho...

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Case Studies | Supply Chain Management | Freight Costs

Situation Files #2: Balancing cost-efficiency, speed and reliability

How $2000 saved on freight led to a bunch of other great outcomes Welcome to SF2, which is kind of about negotiated carrier rates and also kind of abo...

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Case Studies | Pricing Strategy | Freight Costs

Situation Files #1: Shipment consolidation

How we saved a client four grand on freight in under one week You’ll find a healthy library of case studies on our site. Browse around and you’ll see ...

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