Liesel Borovsky

Supply Chain Management | Core Values

Stunning client service: What does that mean really?

“The uniqueness of IL2000’s skills-first approach has attracted a team firmly committed to … stunning client service.” - Logistics company bucks the s...

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Entrepreneurial Spirit | Market Recession | Transportation Models | Supply Chain Management

Late deliveries killing your customer satisfaction? Here’s how you can rebuild customer confidence

Ever heard the dreaded question, “Where’s my shipment?” This is a query you just don’t want to hear from a client. Unfortunately, owing to a litany of...

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Logistics Management | Supply Chain Management | Rapid Response

A hurricane response strategy can save your business

One day our office phone rang. This guy, let’s call him Jim, is a long-standing client. Jim is usually pretty cool, calm and collected, but this time ...

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Pricing Strategy | Supply Chain Management | On-Time Delivery | Freight Costs | Business Intelligence

Adam and Eve (& Stan): Why supply chain software can’t beat expertise

Way back in the 1960s the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) started experimenting with a weird concept. Their idea was to see if co...

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