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Case Studies | On-Time Delivery | Freight Costs | Business Intelligence

A packaging manufacturer boxed itself into a supply chain corner. We got them out.

SUMMARY Before approaching IL2000, this sustainable paper-based packaging manufacturer managed its own fleet of vehicles. While this approach supporte...

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Case Studies | Distributor | Supply Chain Management | Freight Costs | Business Intelligence

How IL2000’s tools and expertise revitalized a food packaging manufacturer’s international shipping operation

SUMMARY Our client manufactures a niche food packaging product. Over half of this company’s shipping destinations are international. In 2020, Covid-19...

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Case Studies | On-Time Delivery | Business Intelligence

What to do when your supply chain must not fail: Here’s IL2000’s answer

SUMMARY Our client, a food packaging company, was facing intense supply chain pressures for a time-critical product. IL2000 stepped in to reduce freig...

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Case Studies | Supply Chain Management | On-Time Delivery

A food manufacturer’s supply chain was collapsing. In <6 months, we made it 35% more reliable, 10% cheaper. How?

SUMMARY A food manufacturer’s supply chain was on the ropes after an ill-equipped 3PL mismanaged their freight operation. Delivery delays were running...

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A heavy materials manufacturer outgrew its supply chain. Here’s how we fixed it.

SUMMARY A leading office partition manufacturer was losing profit to burgeoning freight costs and risked losing customers to spiraling delivery delays...

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Logistics Management | Case Studies | Supply Chain

Future-proofing a supply chain while turning a profit on freight? Here’s how we did it.

SUMMARY When a fast-growing building products manufacturer saw that their supply chain couldn’t keep up with its rate of growth, they turned to IL2000...

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Logistics Management | Case Studies | Supply Chain | Warehousing

How we helped a company save $500,000 in freight costs

SUMMARY National Oak Distributors, an automotive paint, body, and equipment warehouse distributor, came to us seeking enhanced reporting tools and bet...

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Logistics Management | Case Studies | Supply Chain | Transportation Models

Case Study: Here's how an auto parts manufacturer saved $400k a year on its supply chain

SUMMARY With a handful of household-name automotive giants on its customer list, our client was an enormous auto parts manufacturer managing an unusua...

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Logistics Management | Case Studies | Pricing

Case Study: Turning freight unpredictability into a 10% profit margin

SUMMARY When freight pricing uncertainty threatened a heavy equipment manufacturer’s profitability, they approached IL2000 for a solution. We built a ...

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Logistics Management | Case Studies

Case Study: Company cuts freight costs in half and saves millions per year

SUMMARY When our client needed to optimize the manufacture and distribution of office partition and glass wall products, they turned to IL2000 to help...

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