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How we helped a company save $500,000 in freight costs

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Liesel Borovsky
How we helped a company save $500,000 in freight costs


A company that manufactures paints and compounds for the automotive repair industry came to us seeking enhanced reporting tools and better supply chain visibility. We worked with the company to deliver approximately $500,000 in freight savings.


One of the largest companies in the industry, this automotive paints and compounds manufacturer's distribution footprint reaches over 95% of the country, selling over 50,000 products across nearly a score of warehouses.


Our client had a large number of shipments to manage across the US. With a lot of products moving, the company required greater visibility and control over its shipping and tracking.

This manufacturer had to perform their own investigation when something went wrong within the supply chain. With such a vast freight operation on its hands, resolving these issues was time-consuming and difficult.


Any delay in the supply chain required urgent and decisive resolution. The company needed better tools for maintaining visibility across its freight operations. Our client also needed support with troubleshooting daily supply chain problems.


We worked with this manufacturer to enhance its supply chain visibility. We also provided expertise to support the company in resolving routine supply chain disruptions.

Instant shipment tracking tools developed

Our client lacked visibility and control over its supply chain. We used IL2000’s BI platform to develop a suite of customized performance reporting tools. Our client gained access to six daily status updates across three regions, which equipped them with the reliable data they needed to manage critical shipments. These reports also integrated seamlessly with our client’s existing platform, reducing the friction of moving back and forth between systems while supporting the company’s delivery of a smooth customer service experience.

Carrier bottlenecks proactively managed

IL2000 supported our client with a fully dedicated tracking team. When disruptions or delivery backlogs threatened on-time delivery, a logistic planner was available to plan a way forward within 30 minutes. Our team was available to troubleshoot with carriers and bolster the company’s freight operations with expert evaluation and analysis. Our client was able to save approximately $500,000 in freight costs.


  • Approximately $500,000 saved in freight costs in under one year.
  • Shipment trouble-shooting made available in under 30 minutes. Significant reduction in person-hours dedicated to handling freight operations, saving the company’s time and money while supporting its growth.

Download the One Page Case Study here

Case Study_How we helped a company save $500k in freight costs


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