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The Virginian-Pilot: Inside Business Top Workplaces 2023 - IL2000

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Wendy Mackenzie
The Virginian-Pilot: Inside Business Top Workplaces 2023 - IL2000

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Inside Business Top Workplaces 2023: IL2000

What makes your business a top employer?

The IL2000 team has always been about building strong relationships, both within the team and with clients. We attract honest and fearless communicators who care about trust, and then we give them the space to innovate and succeed. We have fun finding solutions together and celebrate achievements big and small with gusto. What logistics professional doesn’t love being rewarded for solving puzzles?

How do you measure employee satisfaction?

We listen. We embrace communication and encourage our employees to offer suggestions to make us an even more integrated and collaborative place to work. When we make those changes, our employees feel heard and involved. That’s key to a positive workplace.

What strategies do you have for retaining employees?

Because our employees believe in what we do and embrace our shared goals, they find it exciting to be part of the process and take ownership of their roles. We constantly mentor and build knowledge between the teams and encourage our employees to try new positions they might be interested in. And when they get it right, we show recognition and gratitude towards our team and their achievements. We honor an employee of the month, grant stunning client services awards, and bestow the annual Burkart Award to acknowledge individuals for their stellar contributions, to name a few. Work here is fun, we admit it, but we also encourage a healthy work-life balance and encourage taking paid time off and family time.

What do you do to develop employees and help them grow?

It comes down to good communication. Our managers work to understand how their team members wish to grow, what they’re good at and where they can spread their wings. We embrace change and encourage learning across the board, also from the bottom up. Management listens to every level of the organization and learns a lot as we grow. Successful growth comes from planning together and being mindful of people’s capacity so we can hire new members to relieve the workload.

What do you look for in employees?

We are always busy recruiting! We are on the lookout for intelligence paired with a sense of ownership, accountability, and a desire to be part of a winning team. To help us find the right match, we use the Predictive Index behavioral assessment and various abilities tests.

About the company

Founded in 1999, IL2000 is a third-party transportation and logistics service provider. IL2000 uses a proprietary transportation management system, customer collaboration, comprehensive logistics engineering and a robust carrier procurement and partnership process to create seamless and optimized supply chain performance.

Address: 4007 Atlantic Ave., Suite 101, Virginia Beach

Phone: 877-373-4525


Top executives: Techa Pacitto, CEO; Ken Nadler, President; Greg Tucker, Chief Financial Officer

Employees: 65

Benefits include: Health, dental, vision, short-term disability, life insurance (including cancer insurance), accident insurance, legal, PTO, flexible working environment/hours, company fitness program, 401(k) plan with a company match

Fun factor: urrently (virtually) walking our way from our headquarters in Virginia Beach to our sales office in Austin as part of the Summer Walking Challenge, just one of our many activities.

Community service: We support local fundraisers, events and sports teams, including the Chesapeake Bay Foundation bay cleanup and Access College Foundation


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