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Logistics company bucks the software-only trend, snags a 2022’s Top Workplaces win

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Wendy Mackenzie
Logistics company bucks the software-only trend, snags a 2022’s Top Workplaces win

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., August 15, 2022 /--

Logistics company bucks the software-only trend, snags a 2022’s Top Workplaces win

This month, logistics company IL2000 was recognized as a 2022 Top Workplaces in Hampton Roads winner. The win recognizes the company’s people, ethics, and values, but it also validates the unique strengths of expertise-driven logistics.

Techa PR quote AugMost logistics companies offer off-the-shelf software solutions. For over two decades, IL2000 has pushed against that trend, helping clients with a combination of bespoke software and expertise-driven problem solving.

The uniqueness of IL2000’s skills-first approach has attracted a team firmly committed to the company’s core values, which emphasize stunning client service, continuous improvement, creative problem solving, direct communication, and independent thinking.

Kraig Cesar, Founder and CEO, attributes IL2000’s win to company values that place human capital firmly in the spotlight:

“IL2000 has always been about building strong relationships with clients. Most of our customers are looking for a logistics thought partner who’s willing to understand their business back-to-front. The people who thrive in that environment are honest and fearless communicators. They care about trust. Those same values are a big part of why IL2000’s a great place to work.”

IL2000’s recognition as one of 2022’s top workplaces comes at a time when supply chains across the US are reeling from the Great Resignation and the legacy of Covid-19’s long-term economic impacts. IL2000’s team has supported clients through supply chain challenges that were on no one’s radar just a few short years ago.

Chief Operating Officer Techa Pacitto believes that dedication and passion for the work have kept the IL2000 workplace positive through the tougher moments of the last few years.

“Everyone at IL2000 is a problem-solver. We all have this mindset that even the toughest problems are waiting for a smart solution. Beyond expertise, I think we bring this unique intellectual courage and fortitude to the table. And this has helped clients keep their supply chains running smoothly even through the toughest days of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Interested in being part of IL2000’s journey? Join the team.

About IL2000

Founded in 1999, IL2000 is a 3rd party transportation and logistics service provider. IL2000 uses a proprietary transportation management system, customer collaboration, comprehensive logistics engineering, and a robust carrier procurement and partnership process to create seamless and optimized supply chain performance.

IL2000 operates the following business segments: freight management; truckload brokerage; international freight forwarding; and freight bill audit & pay. Modes supported include LTL, FTL, parcel, and international LCL, FCL and airfreight.

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