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The Virginian-Pilot: Inside Business Top Workplaces 2022 - IL2000

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Wendy Mackenzie
The Virginian-Pilot: Inside Business Top Workplaces 2022 - IL2000

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Chief Operating Officer Techa Pacitto shared why IL2000 is an attractive workplace.

What makes your business a top employer? We’re a close-knit group in management style and teamwork and we lead with heart. Management cares about employees’ concerns, as that’s how we grow stronger and attract the best talent.

How do you measure employee satisfaction?

We embrace communication and encourage our employees to offer suggestions for change to make us more integrated and an even more collaborative place to work. We know our employees because we listen to them. As a result, we have made critical hires to address past issues raised and workplace satisfaction has grown.

The Virginian-Pilot imageWhat strategies do you have for retaining employees?

We embody an entrepreneurial spirit and share a clear vision across the company. We also show recognition and gratitude toward our team and their achievements. Promotions aren’t just something we talk about; they’re something we do to keep each IL2000 employee performing to their full potential.

What do you do to develop employees and help them grow?

Our managers coach their reports to help them develop the unique expertise needed in our line of business. But development flows both ways, and employees are provided with a safe space and encouraged to provide constructive feedback to their managers. We talk — a lot. We routinely use executive coaching and enroll employees in specialized training courses; we know there is always more to learn, even when we’re performing well. We’re a stickler on work-life balance, so when we see a stretched team, we hire to relieve the workload and allow each individual the time and space to expand their skills.

Are you hiring?

We are always recruiting because our business shifts and expands quickly when meeting client needs.

About the company

Founded in 1999, IL2000 is a third-party transportation and logistics service provider.

Top executives: Kraig Cesar, founder and CEO; Techa Pacitto, COO; Ken Nadler, President; Greg Tucker, CFO

Employees: 65

Benefits include: Health, dental, vision, short-term disability, life insurance (including cancer insurance), accident insurance, legal, paid time off, 401(k) with a company match, fitness program.

Fun factor: We are currently (virtually) walking our way from our headquarters in Virginia Beach to our sales office in Austin as part of the Summer Walking Challenge, just one of our many activities.

Community service: We support local fundraisers, events and sports teams, including the Chesapeake Bay Foundation bay cleanup and Access College Foundation


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