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The Virginian-Pilot: Inside Business 2022 Women in Business: Techa Pacitto, IL2000

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Wendy Mackenzie
The Virginian-Pilot: Inside Business 2022 Women in Business: Techa Pacitto, IL2000

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Inside Business Special Report

Techa Pacitto Virginia PilotAt work: We help manufacturers in all industry verticals develop transportation solutions that get their unique products safely into the hands of their hard-won clients.  These solutions are often multi-modal, meaning that we use every possible mode of transport to get valuable freight from here to there.
Volunteer activities: I volunteer as a host for Krav Maga self-defense classes for women. I’m constantly introducing new residents and guests to the best things and sights in the area. Lately, I’ve volunteered to help my nephew build his dream gaming machine. I also enjoy my role as board treasurer for the non-profit Friends of Cinema Puerto Rico, whose purpose is to build confidence and life skills through the cinematic arts.
Home and family:  I’ve lived and worked in many diverse places, including the Southwest, Hawaii, France, Manhattan and Italy.  I now call Virginia Beach home, where I live with my 12-year-old dog, Laneymama.  I am fortunate that my brother and his two children, 11 and 12, live nearby.  We have monthly family dinners and take vacations together.
Motivating factor: The director of client services for IL2000 started with our company as a receptionist.  I remember the day she interviewed for the role as a recent James Madison University graduate with minimal practical experience but a great attitude and bold determination.  I’ve had the unique pleasure of watching her grow into an amazing, experienced professional woman who thrives on bringing creative ideas and surprising fun to our beloved clients.  I am incredibly passionate about identifying and supporting the potential in others.  Seeing others succeed and taking pride in their accomplishments is quite beautiful and keeps me motivated every day.
Advice for women in business: Read – a lot and often.  Many of the challenges business leaders face have already been experienced by someone else, published in a book and sold on Amazon.  Gobble up those experience shares, and adopt what you think works for your situation both professionally and personally.  And as early as you can, get an advisor or mentor with significant experience and integrity to help guide you. I also recommend joining some kind of peer advisory group to help you confront challenges and vet decisions. No need to reinvent wheels or go it alone.
The one thing I would change about Hampton Roads: If I could wave a magic wand over the Hampton Roads area, I would add financing and strategic horsepower to the Virginia Department of Transportation to help improve our state’s roads.
Professional goals in five years: My most ambitious goals are related to product development projects that deliver value to clients and our internal team. The pace of technological change is rapid, and it's vital to stay ahead of the curve.
Downtime: I love relaxing with a historical fiction book, eating popcorn, and discovering new musical artists.
What really gets under my skin: It grates on me when I walk past a person on the street and they are buried in their cell phone – no acknowledgment, no polite hello, no community vibe. And no regard for one’s personal safety or that of others.


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