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A CEO’s people-centric vision for supply chain management pays off

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In a systems-driven logistics industry, Pacitto wins women in business award for nurturing passionate ingenuity

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Inside Business recognized Techa Pacitto, CEO of logistics company IL2000, with a 2022 Women in Business Achievement Award. Each year, the award goes out to women who have made a profound and lasting impact in their business community. 

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Pacitto galvanized IL2000’s commitment to thinking differently about supply chain management — combining expertise, customer service, and customized transportation management tools to solve some of the world’s toughest supply chain problems.

Nineteen women were chosen this year for the honor. In its award announcement, Inside Business lauded Pacitto’s commitment to mentorship and her passion for seeing the potential in others.

Pacitto was quick to attribute the award not just to her work but to staunch and energetic support from people around her:

“I feel gratitude to the people I work with as well as to the many clients who placed the future of their supply chains in IL2000’s capable hands. The thing about any kind of recognition for personal excellence is that excellence is never truly personal. Great results are a product of people believing in me and my believing in them.”

IL2000 espouses an expertise-first approach in an industry dominated by predominantly software-based supply chain solutions:

“My outlook for IL2000 is the same as it’s always been. I want IL2000 to relentlessly pursue brilliant supply chain solutions. I want our team to build a reputation not just for its unparalleled experience but for our ability to listen — and our radical responsiveness to a customer’s evolving demands. That’s what sets us apart, and it’s a big part of why I was fortunate enough to be honored with this award.”

About IL2000

Founded in 1999, IL2000 is a third-party transportation and logistics service provider. IL2000 uses a proprietary transportation management system, customer collaboration, comprehensive logistics engineering, and a robust carrier procurement and partnership process to create seamless and optimized supply chain performance.

IL2000 operates the following business segments: freight management; truckload brokerage; international freight forwarding; and freight bill audit & pay. Modes supported include LTL, FTL, parcel, and international LCL, FCL and airfreight.

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