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After 6 months of record growth, IL2000 awarded 2023’s Most Engaged 3PL

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Wendy Mackenzie
After 6 months of record growth, IL2000 awarded 2023’s Most Engaged 3PL

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., September 28, 2023 /--

After 6 months of record growth, IL2000 awarded 2023’s Most Engaged 3PL

Logistics company IL2000 was recognized for industry excellence this month as a recipient of Business Concept’s 2023 Logistics Warehouse and Supply Chain Award. The company’s recognition as the US’s Most Engaged 3PL is the latest in a string of service delivery and workplace accolades, and it is the second year running that the enterprising logistics company has won this award in particular.

IL2000 PR quote Sep 2023 BrooksThe company is attributing its winning streak to IL2000’s unusual breadth of industry expertise and a period of unprecedented growth marked by a significant upsweep in new accounts.

Where has that growth come from?

In recent years, an increasingly broad cross-section of industries has looked to IL2000 for unique solutions to growing global supply chain uncertainties. That pace of onboarding is accelerating, with IL2000 signing on with more clients in the first half of 2023 than all of 2022.

IMG_6831In the last few months alone, several new specialized industries have entered the IL2000 fold, including customized injection molding for the auto industry, health diagnostics and bioprocessing equipment, and specialized heavy industrial parts.

IL2000’s VP of sales, Brooks Wise, believes the company’s 2023 award as Most Engaged 3PL comes down to the company’s unique ability to respond to technical challenges faced by highly specialized industries.

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“Through hard work and dedication, we’ve expanded our industry expertise while breaking new client onboarding records in 2023. Through continual growth, we’ve enhanced our technology offerings, which has only better equipped us to help our customer base resolve their unique supply chain challenges. It’s a virtuous spiral." Brooks Wise

In the rapidly evolving supply chain management sector, meaningful client engagement requires more than good intentions and a responsive customer service department. It calls for substantive investment in industry-leading expertise, the engine room of intelligent supply chain decision-making.

The Most Engaged 3PL award recognizes IL2000’s continued commitment to making that investment.

About IL2000

Founded in 1999, IL2000 is a 3rd party transportation and logistics service provider. IL2000 uses a proprietary transportation management system, customer collaboration, comprehensive logistics engineering, and a robust carrier procurement and partnership process to create seamless and optimized supply chain performance.

IL2000 operates the following business segments: freight management; truckload brokerage; international freight forwarding; and freight bill audit & pay. Modes supported include LTL, FTL, parcel, and international LCL, FCL and airfreight.


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