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The secret formula that beats supply chain uncertainty

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Wendy Mackenzie
The secret formula that beats supply chain uncertainty
Right now, we’re watching a critical supply chain in a state of near-total collapse. Families across the US are bearing the brunt of a critical baby formula shortage. Supplies are being airlifted in from across Europe while the FDA scrambles to re-open a major national manufacturer after contamination concerns. The idea of a parent encountering an empty shelf where an essential life-giving product should be is deeply unsettling.

If you’re responsible for your company’s logistics, it’s also a sobering example of how just one unforeseen variable can wreak havoc — sending a cascade of disruption through your supply chain, profitability, and customer relationships.

It raises some tough questions about supply chain resilience. What does that even look like today? How can your supply chain business model cater to the unquantifiable?

If these questions are keeping you up at night, IL2000 can help.

Tough questions, real answers

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How can we help you find answers to your most demanding supply chain questions? IL2000’s secret formula is the profound level of expertise we bring to your table. To give you a glimpse of that insight in action, here are some questions clients have asked and the solutions we’ve delivered.

“Our goods are arriving damaged. How do we fix that?”

The problem: A food packaging company was shipping time-critical products via an LTL carrier to Hawaii. The company began to get reports from customers of mishandled shipments. They knew they needed real answers fast, but didn’t know how to achieve that while keeping costs down.

Our solution: We identified a dedicated truckload solution for their key shipping lane to Hawaii. Then we equipped their team with expertise and advice on how to ensure the best freight claim outcomes. Instantly, shipping damages all but disappeared.

“We can’t find reliable carriers. What’s happening?”

shutterstock_1908073489The problem: A food ingredient manufacturer approached us with a carrier selection problem. Gradually, they’d observed a slow drop-off in the number and quality of carriers they could secure to ship their products. Costs were going up and customer confidence was going down.

Our solution: IL2000’s first priority was to take a close look at the company’s shipment pricing system. We saw they were using a selection process that significantly misread the carrier market, leaving them poorly positioned to attract reliable carriers. Using our proprietary TMS we overhauled their carrier selection methodology and workflow. We resolved their reliability challenges and pushed freight savings up to over 10%.

“Where are all these extra shipment fees coming from?”

The problem: An office partition manufacturer approached IL2000 seeking insight on why their supply chain was suddenly hemorrhaging money on extra fees from their carriers. They knew their approach to freight classification was part of the problem but were lost on how to fix it.

The solution: Education. Implementing best practices in freight classification is a taxing process. We trained this company on how to properly classify freight, saving them both time and money. We also offered a TMS solution similar to the one we implemented for a heavy equipment manufacturer. Our proprietary TMS equipped the company to accurately classify freight, compare carrier efficiency and shop for a competitive rate.

“Order fulfillment is slowing down and we don't know why!”

The problem: One client came to us with a problem of scale. They’d grown fast in recent years and had begun to notice an infestation of billing errors across their freight operation. Then the company’s pace of order fulfillment slowed down. Something was bogging down their process. What was it, they asked, and how do we fix it?

The solution: After taking a close look at their freight operation on the ground, we realized their supply chain was largely efficient but for a few critical decision points that were both at odds and duplicating their efforts. IL2000 embarked on a careful process of consolidation. We standardized supply chain processes, stepped in as the sole provider of what had been a jumble of disorganized third-party logistics providers and implemented full electronic invoicing. We also offered a steady stream of hard-won advice on how to avoid delays and double work. Annual freight savings hit $260,000 and the company could get from order to fulfillment in under 72 hours — faster than they’d achieved even prior to their growth spurt.

What’s your toughest supply chain question?


Amid today’s supply chain uncertainty, you probably face some tough questions. We have real answers. Drawing from leading experts in every corner of logistics, we’ve helped our clients overcome their most demanding supply chain challenges.

We can help you too.

Face the unknown with our magic formula of expertise, passion, and insight.

Talk to IL2000 today for a no-obligation supply chain analysis.

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