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Better logistics, bigger returns

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Greg Tucker
Better logistics, bigger returns
Maximize your profit margin with managed supply chain optimization

A business needs a few key attributes if it’s going to succeed. Tenacious leadership, the courage to innovate, a crisp marketing message — there’s this organizational grab bag of obvious growth attributes that make a company desirable from an investment standpoint.

We’re not here to talk about any of that.

We’re interested in a less sexy but no less important aspect of a company’s profitability: its operational efficiency. Because ultimately, a healthy profit margin is a product not just of how much a business makes but also of how much it spends.

So with that in mind, are you ready for our big, bold claim?

Strategic supply chain optimization across your portfolio of companies is one of the most financially impactful operational improvements you can make in 2022.

Why you need IL2000 on your side of the table

Consider this: A company’s supply chain eats up to 20% of its revenue.

In the fallout of a litany of global supply chain uncertainties, logistics has bubbled to the surface as one of the leading operational efficiency challenges businesses face today. But you don’t need to be a logistics expert yourself to dramatically lower supply chain outlay. All you need is the right partner on your team…

… which is where we come in.

IL2000 has been working to optimize supply chains for close to 25 years. We won’t bore you with a long list of company supply chains we’ve kept operational through pandemics, hurricanes, zombie outbreaks, and trucking industry collapse (we threw in the zombie one just to check you’re still paying attention.) We will, however, lay claim to delivering striking results for our clients.

What would it mean for your portfolio if you could halve that 20% supply chain outlay figure? What if a company in your purview could transform its freight expenditure into a profit center, even? This is where IL2000 is uniquely suited to being part of a PE firm’s bigger picture.

Working across a broad spectrum of industries, we’ve partnered with clients to perform these miracles of operational efficiency. We’ve reduced supply chain costs, broadened profit margins by millions of dollars, and future-proofed freight operations against global supply chain uncertainty.

We can make that happen across your portfolio of companies too.

Take a look at some of our results.

Recent results

Challenge Solution Impact
A nationwide automotive parts manufacturer needed greater shipping visibility across its product line. We built a fully customized BI platform and supported freight operations with a rapid response tracking team.


Annual freight savings

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A food packaging company’s export costs were ballooning thanks to Covid and global supply chain uncertainties. We identified a better shipping route, unlocked improved freight handling and warehousing options, and standardized shipments.


Annual freight savings on just one shipping lane

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A heavy equipment manufacturer’s profits were undermined by shipping rate unpredictability and reliance on specialized carriers. We developed a pricing tool that leveraged big data to give accurate shipping calculations across a wide range of carriers.


Yearly additional profit from freight operations

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A building materials company that shipped wall and office partitions directly to job sites maintained a costly dedicated fleet of vehicles. We guided the company’s transition to a third-party carrier solution and helped the company streamline its outbound freight.


Saved in fixed supply chain infrastructure costs

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Maximize your private equity investment returns with IL2000

Image of a succesful casual business woman using laptop during meeting

Many pieces need to fall into place for a company in your portfolio to live up to its full profit potential. Supply chain efficiency is a crucial part of that picture. IL2000 is uniquely equipped to work with your firm to improve operational efficiency across your whole company portfolio.

Talk to IL2000 about how we can make a material difference to your portfolio’s bottom line.

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