Our Fastener Industry Expertise

Leading Logistics for the Fastener Industry

At IL2000, we understand that the availability of materials like steel and aluminum and the efficiency of supply chains directly impact production costs and market competitiveness. Our strategic positioning and logistics expertise allow us to support fastener manufacturers and suppliers with tailored, cost-effective solutions that enhance productivity and profitability.

Here are our dedicated services for fastener manufacturers and distributors:

A TMS Tailored for the Fastener Industry

Achieve enhanced visibility and greater control

With IL2000’s industry-transforming transportation management system (TMS), you obtain a clear picture of every step of your fastener supply chain and the tools you need to make swift, cost-efficient, data-driven, and inventive shipping decisions.

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Managed Transportation Services

Save time and reduce costs when shipping fasteners

Supported by business intelligence tools that give you visibility of every corner of your shipments and that automate many of your more time-consuming shipment processes, IL2000 managed transportation solutions help you regain control of your fastener supply chain.

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Freight Audit & Payment

Boost the accuracy of your freight audits and payments

IL2000’s proprietary freight audit and payment (FAP) system and process equip you to manage your freight audits and payments in a fraction of the time. Refined by years of logistics and freight handling experience, this system can also reduce your supply chain expenses while supporting your organization’s regulatory compliance.

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Business Intelligence for Fastener Logistics

Transform your logistics data into actionable insight

IL2000’s business intelligence, or BI for short, dashboard transforms your transport data into knowledge and actionable insights. Our systems come with a unique suite of analytical tools that offer deep value and enhanced visibility across every corner of your operation while operating as an add-on to your services or embedded within your use of our TMS.

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Fastener Supply Chain Consulting

Transform your logistics data into actionable insight

With IL2000’s supply chain consulting services, you can future-proof your supply chain, achieve greater cost-efficiency in finding carriers, handle freight settlement, track shipments, and beyond with ease. Optimize your daily supply chain processes while our team keeps a sharp eye out for what’s just around the corner.

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Let's Talk...at the NFDA Annual Meeting and ESPS

NFDA logo

This June, we are excited to attend the NFDA Annual Meeting and ESPS in Irving, Texas, where we will share our dedication to the fastener industry. We are here to discuss how our real cost-saving strategies and optimizations can not only streamline your operations but also reduce downtime and accelerate your market reach.

Let's explore how our innovative logistics solutions can keep your supply chain moving efficiently, ensuring that you stay ahead in this dynamic and essential industry.

Your on-hand logistics experts:

Ken Nadler

President, IL2000

Kenneth Nadler is an esteemed leader in the logistics and transportation industry with over 30 years of experience spanning all modes of transportation. Currently serving as IL2000’s President, Ken has been at the helm since August 2018, driving the company forward in the Austin, Texas area.

Before joining IL2000, Kenneth held the positions within the logistics industry in which he refined client service strategies, led business development, and played a key role in various strategic commercial initiatives. In the very early years, Ken worked at a carrier where he developed his foundational skills and industry knowledge.

At IL2000, Kenneth is dedicated to helping companies enhance their supply chain efficiency. His deep understanding of freight and transportation management allows him to provide tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed growth and service objectives. Kenneth's strategic vision and leadership continue to contribute significantly to the evolving landscape of logistics and supply chain management.

In his downtime, Ken enjoys boating, dining and attending sporting events with his two teenage daughters.

Brooks Wise

VP of Sales, IL2000

Brooks Wise is a seasoned supply chain professional with over 25 years of experience in both asset management and third-party logistics (3PL). Throughout his career, Brooks has specialized in analyzing clients' Order to Cash processes, identifying inefficiencies, and implementing cost-saving strategies that enhance their financial performance. His expertise has proven invaluable to a diverse range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to rapidly expanding manufacturers and innovative startups.

One of his notable achievements includes supporting a company in the pneumatics industry. Brooks's strategic input was crucial in preventing what could have become a debilitating supply chain disruption when the company's growth increased their transportation spend 25-fold within five years, ensuring the company's sustained growth and success.

Originally from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where he spent three decades, Brooks now enjoys a quieter life in Fairhope, Alabama. Alongside his wife, he relishes the scenic beauty of the Gulf Coast and the companionship of their bloodhound, Basil.

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