Transportation Management System

Transportation Management System

Leverage TMS Solutions for Greater Visibility & Control

When supply chains were lean and linear, managing freight shipments was a much simpler task—one that required just a handful of specialists and a traditional system. The changing landscape of the market, however, has prompted the need for greater visibility and control over freight shipments. As supply chains become increasingly globalized, complex and competitive, advanced tools are needed to maintain a clear picture of every step of the supply chain.

IL2000’s transportation management system (TMS) meets this need. With end-to-end visibility and control over your freight shipments, our transportation management system gives you the resources you need to maximize the efficiency of your day-to-day transportation operations. When combined with our industry experience, the innovative technology fuels the improvement of productivity and distribution operations as well as the significant reduction of freight costs.


The Benefits of Our Transportation Management System

In our transportation management system, you’ll find various features and functionality to streamline your logistics operations. As a user of our TMS software, you can:

  • Get instant rate quotes from multiple carriers
  • Easily create shipments online
  • Print bills of lading, proof of deliveries, labels and bar codes
  • Track & trace shipments
  • Create shipment alerts
  • Store and access shipping documentation
  • Utilize discounted carrier rates
  • Generate detailed reports

Make TMS Software Part of Your Supply Chain Strategy

Why wait to incorporate TMS solutions into your supply chain management strategy?

Start experiencing the benefits of IL2000’s transportation management system.