Logistics Planning

Logistics Planning

Use Business Intelligence Tools for Logistics Planning

There’s a lot of meaning to be found in the sea of numbers surrounding transportation logistics. But in order to make sense of this data, companies need to have the right business intelligence tools at their fingertips.

Not only do these tools remove the extra work involved in handling spreadsheets, but their real-time data and dynamic reports fuel productive discussions in logistics planning for the future.

Make Informed Decisions in Logistics Planning

The customized reporting available with IL2000 allows you to store current and historical data, transforming this into useful information that can guide your logistics planning. Implementation with your current system is seamless, and the reports themselves are quite easy to use.

Through this system, your team can effectively confirm or falsify existing hypotheses, pinpoint missed opportunities and markets, compare trends and evaluate performance. With this insight, businesses have a more effective foundation for logistics planning—a list that includes making improvement recommendations, budgeting time and resources around time-sensitive spikes, and setting benchmarks for achievement.

Informed Decisions
Logistics Report

Logistic Reports

What’s also beneficial about IL2000’s logistics planning tools is that they can be used throughout your entire company. Professionals in accounting and finance, operations, procurement and purchasing and customer service can all leverage customized reports specific to their supply chain needs and concerns. Here’s just a sample of these reports:

  • GL account coding
  • Freight accrual
  • Job costing (transportation as a % of goods sold)
  • Freight expenses by company location, vendor or customer
  • Lost opportunity cost
  • Year-over-year outlook, time period comparisons
  • Carrier compliance and delivery statistics
  • Outbound and inbound shipment volume
  • On time delivery performance by vendor

Take Your Logistics Planning to the Next Level

Looking to advance your logistics planning?

The business intelligence tools from IL2000 can help you make informed decisions for the future of your business. Contact us today to learn more about how these tools can save you time and costs.